Investing in real estate in the United States

Rental properties 100% turnkey profits from day 1

Invertir en bienes raíces en estados unidos

Discover the full story behind your investment


We provide all data, including all changes made to the property, city permits, tenant payment history, and renovations. But we encourage investors to verify our claims.

Turn Key

Hassle-free tenant screening and paperwork to enable quick and profitable returns on your investments. Additionally, our compiled listings come ready with a tenant the moment they are purchased, allowing you to reap the rewards of ownership without delay.

Cash Flow

An effective and safe way to increase your income over time. By purchasing a property and renting it out, you can benefit from ownership while receiving regular rental payments that provide long-lasting financial stability.


While several companies offer similar products, they do not comply with the required licenses sanctioned by local authorities. Not only that, these companies often prevent homeowners from performing their own appraisals and inspections.

Our properties in the United States

These are some of our properties. To see more   photos, click on any property.

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Our investment process

Strategic Talk

Come on, pick up the phone! Book a strategic call in which we will team up to discover your investment objectives and together choose the property that will make you say “That's it!”

We closed the deal

And now, the action. Our investment expert will be your guide on this adventure, taking you through the entire process to close the deal. No surprises, just emotions!

Enjoy the Profits

Here comes the best part, we take care of everything for you. And you, just sit back and watch your cashflow grow with our rented properties. It's time to make your money work for you!

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Our Cities

Baltimore is a port city in Maryland known for its aquarium and historic Fort McHenry.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is known for its revolutionary history, art, the Philly Cheesesteak, and lively sports scene.

Learn more about these cities by clicking on their names.



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