Who are we?

Welcome to our happy and dynamic world of real estate investing! With over 25 years of professional and combined experience, our team of experts has turned turnkey and cash flow properties into a true work of art.

But that is not all! We also have a stellar team dedicated to construction and remodeling. They are the behind-the-scenes heroes who transform each property into a home, one brick at a time. Every project is a new puzzle for them, and they are always up for the challenge.

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Our Mission

With hundreds of offers in our network, selecting only the properties we believe have the greatest potential for growth. We seek out the best growth markets in the United States, and we delight in providing our investors with exceptional and transparent opportunities.

Oh, we almost forgot! Did you know that we have a large community of more than 200 investors who are smiling from ear to ear? Thanks to our investments, we have helped more than 200 people find their financial happiness. And we’re eager to help more investors achieve their goals.

Therefore, we invite you to board our joyous real estate investment adventure. Hand in hand, let’s make those financial dreams come true.

Patrick DeLisi

Patrick De Lisi


With more than 20 years of experience in Financial Services companies in New York. Expert in cost efficiency and restructuring, with the ability to simplify problems and streamline processes. Recognized for effective communication and collaboration to implement complex strategies. His inspiring leadership and mentorship ensure significant benefits through team collaboration.

Monica Villate

Monica Villate

Sales Director

She is an economist with a diversified and multifaceted professional career. Her career includes prominent roles in Real Estate as a real estate agent, in Mortgages as a Mortgage Broker and as Administrator and Manager of several luxury buildings.

Ricardo Da Costa

Ricardo Da Costa

Marketing Manager

With four years of experience. He specializes in web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management. His role as a growth specialist has had a significant impact at Off Florida Deals. He has been instrumental in expanding the company's online presence, increasing customer acquisition, and improving retention.

Manny C.

Manny C.

Contract Coordinator

With over 3 years of experience, he has demonstrated a deep command of real estate laws and regulations, and exceptional skill in contract negotiation and management. In addition to overseeing contracts, Manny also handles essential administrative tasks and constantly communicates with other key teams and title companies.

It's all about Cash Flow

Enjoy the monthly income benefits of turnkey real estate without the experience, cost and hard work.
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We sell conditioned and rented properties where we offer a return between 7% to 10%.

We do not manage properties, once the sale is made the buyer contacts the property management office and signs a representation agreement with them.

You, the investor, choose the property and a sales contract is signed.

The money is passed via bank transfer to the title company. (fiduciary)

Yes you can, there are no restrictions when purchasing but it is best to do so through an L.L.C.

Of course, you are welcome to come and visit the property.

Yes, you can enter but we need 48 hours prior to ask and make sure they will be home.

Yes. We have a team of accountants who can gladly advise you, the declaration is made once a year.

Yes, you can sell it. We have realtors in each of the cities we are working with, we will gladly contact them, they will advertise and place the property on the MLX. If you wish, you can sell it to another investor or to the tenant of the property.

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